LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY presidential election ABE-san vs. ISHIBA-san

LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY presidential election has started. I watched the debate ABE current prime minister vs ISHIBA LDP previous secretary-general on TV. 

I think that Abe-san did comparatively good job in past 6 years. At least much better than previous prime ministers.

But of course negative things are happening. 

For example Liability was increased and people’s income didn’t increased as expected. 

Sometimes ABE-san evadede questions, and didn’t answer property.

I expected he openly talked about success and issue. That attitude will enhance his credibility among people. 

ISHIBA-san demonstrated his capability to find the root cause. 

Whatever asked he comes to the key point immediately , it was very impressive.

Without droughts ISHIBA-san is much more capable politician than ABE-san.

But he also has weakness. He is too smart that we cannot feel humanity from him.

Then some people feel uncomfortable for him to be prime minister because  he is too different. 

When I see ISHIBA-san, I recalled to be said “You might be perceive too cool due to your smartness. You really need to learn “ HUMOR”.

Yes. ISHIBA-san also should learn “HUMOR”😊.

Anyway I really wish this election contributes to enhance interests for politics. 

It is very important😊.

( PHOTO is from TV program)

自民党総裁選 討論会 安倍さん vs 石破さん

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